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A Course in Miracles  Tuesday 5:30pm.


 call +1 669-900-6833

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444 777 4747

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Join Niko Wednesday Night 6:30pm

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 call +1 669-900-6833

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We are committed to experiencing a world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared spiritual awakening through the practice and teachings of Jesus Christ...

              Unity Vision Statement

Your Spiritual Home for the 21st Century... Where Love Resides, Truth Abounds, Faith is Enriched,

and Spiritual Freedom is Cherished...

A place where people discover for themselves the power of living in alignment with peace, love, harmony and a sense of well-being.
The Kingdom of Heaven is Within...
Be Still and Know that I am God...

Join us Sunday's at 10:00am.

2001 Truxtun Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93301

Unity's 24 Hour Prayer Hotline

(816) 969-2000

Volunteer Angels who Serve this Ministry...

Our Amazing Congregation! 

Ministers and Platform Assistants: Greg and Tamara Montana, Ray Wallace, Jeff and Cyndy Rothermel, Deborah Goaldman, Niko Grayson, BJ Bishop, Edward Smith, Jim Sayer, Patrick Bowers and Lisa Watson

Fellowship Angels who prepare and cook with Love:

Frances Needham; Lena Townley, Jeff Rothermel and Portia Choi


                   Music and Choir (after service): Dylan Walters and Deborah Goaldman

Prayer Team: All of us...

Tuesday's 5:30pm. 

A Course in Miracles

Greg and Tamara Montana

Unity Center of Bakersfield 

2001 Truxtun Ave. Bakersfield, CA 93301

Stay tuned for our new

Children's Program with Michelle Moreno

and a curriculum of classes coming available soon!


Monty Byrom and the Byrom Brothers


"sounds of unity"     

at unity center Bakersfield

april 25, 2020


doors open at 6:30pm

tickets only $20 per person

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Unity Center of Bakersfield

2001 Truxtun Ave.

Bakersfield, California 93301


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Unity Center of Bakersfield

1619 E Street 

Bakersfield, California 93301


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